چهارشنبه 12 مهر 1402

14 August 2023

Shia Religious Cleric: Enemy all want to make Karbala forgotten

Hujjatul Islam Sulemani said that Islam would be alive with the life of Ashoor. That's why enemy is trying to eliminate the true picture of Ashoor.

Hujjatul Islam Hamid Raza Arbab Sulemani who addressing in a sitting on the subject of Karbala said that all wisdom was in fight with all ignorance. 
He added that The massacre of Karbala is an event that Muslims cannot be neutral about. We are either on the side of universal moral values and align ourselves with Husain and his cause or we take a position that is not only contrary to the teachings of Islam but all the great religions and humanistic ideologies. Our position with regard to Ashura should have nothing to do with the jurisprudential school of thought that we belong to or the political philosophy that we subscribe to. Both Sunnis and Shias ought to be united with regard to the position taken regarding Ashura. There may be differences over how to commemorate Ashura, but this is a secondary issue.
He continued that It should also be pointed out that what is significant about Ashura is not that Imam Husain was from the ahl al-bayt but that he sacrificed his life for a noble cause. His sacrifice and martyrdom would have been of no lesser importance had he been from any other family.
He said that if we are to make productive use of the history of Ashura, of the shocking and deplorable actions of those who claim to be Muslims, we should relate them to our present context. We should ask Muslim politicians and other leaders to seriously think about their ideals of excellence and decide if they wish to emulate Imam Husain or the likes of Yazid.