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  • تاریخ انتشار:‌ 1396/02/27 - 12:00 ق.ظ
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 .The carpet washing plant of Imam Ali(AS) Holy Shrine was opened after its rehabilitation

.The carpet washing plant of Imam Ali(AS) Holy Shrine was opened after its rehabilitation

The Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine, Mr. Nizar Hashim Habl al-Mateen had opened the carpet washing plant that belongs to Service Affairs' Department in the presence of a number of department heads and engineering and technical cadres working in the service affairs department and guests from the Iranian city of Tabriz who participated in the rehabilitation process.

In a speech at the inauguration ceremony of the plant, Sayyed Habl al-Mateed said, "The General Secretariat of Imam Ali Holy Shrine determined to complete and open many projects, which increase the capacity of services provided to visitors in all fields."

He added, "We are in need for change and comprehensive development in many projects to provide services to visitors in last two years, Imam Ali Holy Shrine and after many field tours, we have seen that many of the service projects need to be developed and in need for more additions to suit the number of visitors."

He completed "Among the problems we have seen is the enormous use of mattresses, blankets and carpets, which leads to the accumulation of these materials for a long time without the use of rehabilitation by any modern means. We communicated with and cooperated with the municipality of Tabriz, Iran and they provided us with a set of modern machines to wash carpets, mattresses and blankets; so that we can keep pace with the increase of number of delegations of visitors."

Osama Al Baghdadi, Head of Service Affairs, said: "The new automatic carpet washing plant was opened by the efforts of the employees and the unlimited support of the Secretary General. The first mechanical, electrical and mechanical system was installed. The new machine is working to save human effort and time and increase the number of mattresses and carpets to be washed. The capacity of the machine is 9 pieces of mattresses or carpets and is working to increase capacity to reach 20 pieces."

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