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  • تاریخ انتشار:‌ 1396/01/25 - 12:00 ق.ظ
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Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine opens the Sayyedah Fidha (AS) Cultural Center.

Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine opens the Sayyedah Fidha (AS) Cultural Center.

The Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine Sayyed Nizar Hashim Habl al-Mateen had opened the building of Sayyedah Fidha (AS) Cultural Center, as part of the completed projects.

The secretary general said, "During the blessed birth, we started the opening of a group of projects, starting with the opening of Permission Gate. Today, we open Sayyedah Fidha (AS) Cultural Center. It is cultural and educational center aims to organize the professional, jurisprudence, ideology and ethics courses.

Deputy Secretary General, Ammar Mashallah, said: "The center is women cultural center aims to develop the women. The Center aims to take care of the families of the martyrs from Popular Volunteers Forces and to introduce them in educational developmental courses. The volunteers women from outside Najaf who want to serve the holy threshold during the days of the millions visits will have doctrines, ethics, jurisprudence, security and services courses

For her part, head of women's affairs Department, Manal Hussein Mohammed said, "The center is interested in several activities, including the establishment of awareness and cultural programs to the women, especially in events and forums, and attracting universities to make the center is the link between the universities and academic and educational institutions in the feminist side."

She added, "The Center is the first of its kind in Imam Ali Holy Shrine because of its importance in developing women. The center also cares about the social and psychological aspects of human development, mental health and domestic economic and investment measure by attracting many professional cadres specialized in various fields to give lectures in this regard."

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