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Special Recitations for Adhan Time in Karbala

Special Recitations for Adhan Time in Karbala

The Quran reciter and Muezzin of Imam Hussein’s (AS) holy shrine in Karbala explained how verses of Quran, supplications and maqamat (melodic modes) are selected to be recited in the holy shrine at the time of Adhan (calling to prayer).

Adel Karbalayi said that on different religious occasions different verses of the Quran are selected to be recited before the prayer time.

He said the Qaris try to select verses whose meanings and concepts are related to the special occasion and they recite the verses explaining religious injunctions on ordinary occasions.

The maqamat used for Adhan recitation also differ on the religious occasions.

It is said that each maqam evokes a specific emotion in the listener. The Maqam of "Rast" is said to evoke power and soundness of mind, and it is usually used for daily Adhan. The Maqam of "Saba", which evokes sadness, is selected for mourning periods.

Muhammad Sadeq Muhammad Ali, another Qari and preacher of the holy shrine, said that since the 2003 overthrow of former dictator Saddam Hussein, religious dissemination and Quranic activities have significantly grown in Iraq.

Islamic injunctions and religious guidelines are explained for the pilgrims by the Qari of the holy shrine at different intervals before and after prayers every day, he said.

Muhammad Ali added that the main objective of the guidelines, rooted in Quranic teachings and Hadiths, is to encourage the pilgrims to attend congregational prayers.

They also include explanation of special worships, supplications and obligations on various religious occasions such as the months of Muharram, Safar, and Ramadan, he went on to say.

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