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With Presence of Deputy Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi; Goharshad World Award Website Uncovered

With Presence of Deputy Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi; Goharshad World Award Website Uncovered

The official website of ‘Goharshad World Award’ “goharshad.aqr.ir” was uncovered with presence of Sayed Morteza Bakhtiari, Deputy Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, and Raja Naser Abbas Jafari, general secretary of Pakistan Muslims Unity Council.

Secretary of Goharshad World Award in the ‘breeze of unity’ conference said, “One blessing of Astan Quds Razavi is that it has initiated practices in the field of cultural sciences and propagation of Qur’anic and the household of the Apostle of God (S.A.W) knowledge, among them glorification of the learned and benevolent women in the framework of Goharshad World Award.”
Referring to holding the first round of the award during Karamat ten days in last year, Dr. Ali Sarvari Majd said, “Last year concurrent with the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Ma’sumeh (A.S.) and the Eighth Imam (A.S.), the first conference of Goharshad World Award was held with contribution of Astan Quds Razavi where eight benevolent and literate ladies were introduced.”
“The goal of this award is propagation of benevolence culture among Muslim women and other monotheistic religions; Goharshad Mosque is the symbol of a benevolent and wise lady named Goharshad Agha, Shahrokh Teimuri’s wife, who endowing many properties in Iran and Herat, has won fame as servant of Imam Reza (A.S.) in the field of endowment and benevolence”, he remarked.
“In this award, eight principles in the field of benevolence and wisdom have been introduced including self-sacrifice and martyrdom, Islamic awakening and resistance, construction, medical fields, educational services, research and scientific activities, cultural and art affairs , as well as the issue of endowment”, he continued.
Pointing to uncovering the Goharshad World Award website, he said, “This website mainly introduces the literate ladies, calls for volunteers, and publishes the volunteers of the award”.
Noting that with initiation of the website, the selection procedure will be facilitated for the second round of the award in the next year and more active benevolent women will come to know about the fields of endowment affairs, he added, “The initiation of the website provides a good databank that provides useful information for the second round of the award and will present helpful role models for the current and next generations in Iran and the rest of the world”.

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