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Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi,   Manifestations of the Islamic Civilization can be seen in the World

Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, Manifestations of the Islamic Civilization can be seen in the World

“The formation of the Islamic awakening and the freedom-seeking Islamic movements in Africa and Europe, resistance of the oppressed and defenseless people of Yemen against the hegemony, and many other world’s events, promise the manifestations of the rise of Islamic civilization in the world” Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi said.

Member of the Assembly of Experts, at the missionaries and Islamic new civilization Conference, which was held in the Islamic Propagation Office of Khorasan Razavi province, referring to the process of realization of the Islamic Revolution objectives said,'The first step to realize the objectives of the Islamic Revolution is the ‘establishment of Islamic Revolution’ second phase ‘founding the Islamic government’, then ‘formation of Islamic community’, and the last stage is ‘creation of Islamic civilization.”
Member of the Supreme Council of Khorasan Seminary, pointing to the requirements of the formation of Islamic civilization, stated,“Before the victory of Islamic Revolution and even today, some consider the Western civilization is a perfect model for human civilization and this is the idea that the West has tried to impose it over the world.”
The Difference of Attitude between Islamic and Western Civilizations Regarding Human
“The viewpoint of West concerning the world is a humanistic and liberal one, which is rooted in secularism; however, the attitude of the Prophets and Islam is infested with human dignity” he asserted, reviewing the various aspects of civilizationin the Islamic and Western worldview.
“Rather than the divine teachings, in West, the emphasis and orientation is toward human’s intellect. West claims that with a calculative intellect, the beatitude of human life is at reach and found its civilization on individual freedom instead of spirituality and sanctity” Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi expressed, stating that the West has a human oriented viewpoint regarding the mankind civilization, and in contrast Islam has adivine viewpoint.
“Western civilization has different layers, in which philosophy generation is among them. Accordingly, they developed fundamental philosophical thinking to provide a fluid rational base for Western ideas.Followed by the layer, the scientific revolution happened and modern science was emerged and then the industrial revolution took shape” he said, explaining the different layers and aspects of Western civilization.
“The change in the social systemsis one of the West's fundamental ideological overtones. The most basic and the most important developments have been formed in this layer, which raised certain social ideas and lead the society toward them. The most fundamental of the ideas are humanism, liberalism and rationalism, or in a word, secularization” Board member of the Assembly of Experts reminded, introducing an important aspect of Western civilization, the layer of“change in social systems”.
“The Western civilization is founded on authenticity of human. This originalityis different from human dignity that the Prophets speak of. In Western civility, all values are determined by humansthemselves, alsoreligious teachingsand Prophetsare replaced by the rule of human self-founded rationality. This path ultimately sets up a society with a common-law, without citing and relying on religious teachings and the teachings of the Prophets”he added.
Islamic Revolution Has Challenged the Western Civilization
“Islamic Revolution, is the only true revolution, which happened after the Renaissance in the world, and has challenged the Western civilization. West, has tried for many years to deny the sacredness, spirituality and involvement of the Prophets in the social life, it wanted to build a civilization devoid of religion, and defined human beatitude in turning away from religion in the fields of social life; however, the Islamic Revolution, with a new discourseformed in the world; the discourse of progress and justice along with spirituality,and the discourse of beatitudealong with obeying the Prophets” Member of the Supreme Council of Khorasan Seminary remarked, stating that that the Islamic Revolution has challenged Western civilization.
“The human,who is introduced by Islamic philosophy and thought, is totally different from Western civilization’shuman. Western schools look at human and the future fully humanistic, and thus, the Western progress model is one-dimensional” he reiterated.
Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, at the end of his speech, pointing to the role of HazratZeinab (S.A.) in maintaining excellent concepts of Ashura, andstating that Ashura is the key to survival and continuation of all the good things in the universe, andHazratZeinab (S.A.) is one of the figures with most contribution to civilization building in the history of Islam asserted, “Stating the facts of Ashura byHazratZeinab (S.A.)is the expression of human perfections and strive to push humanity toward them. Hazrat Zeinab (S.A.)kept alive all the high human and Islamic symbols manifested in Ashuraand when she said‘I have not seen anything but beauty’is because the martyrs of Karbala, displayed the peak of faith, brotherhood, patience, sacrifice, devotion, insight and all human manifestations to the fullest.”

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