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A Nigerian Cultural Activist:  Mashhad 2017, an Opportunity for Razavi Conduct Development in World

A Nigerian Cultural Activist: Mashhad 2017, an Opportunity for Razavi Conduct Development in World

A Nigerian cultural activist said, “Mashhad 2017 can be changed into an opportunity to introduce and spread Razavi culture and conduct in all over the world”.

On the sideline of opening ceremony of “Mashhad 2017; Capital of Islamic Culture”,  Hasan Bala, a member in Nigeria’s Fanoia cultural institute, said, “Muslims’ hope for enjoying cultural supports of holy city of Mashhad will be increased by introducing Mashhad as the capital of Islamic culture”. This ceremony was held at Quds Hall of the Razavi Holy Shrine.
Referring to  conduct and lifestyle of Hazrat Reza (A.S.) as the most important needs of today’s world, he stressed, “Getting familiarity with Razavi conduct and lifestyle is a real need not only for Muslims but for all the world people”.
Hasan Bala added, “Translating cultural works in all world languages is one of the best ways to introduce Razavi conduct and lifestyle since cultural products such as books and journals have a great impact on people’s familiarity on Islamic pure thoughts”. 
Referring to hope of various Islamic countries in Iran as the mother settlement of the Islamic world, he stated, “City authorities active in the area of culture have to have a special attention to oppressed Palestinian people, and Shias in Bahrain and Nigeria. They should also support them in different ways”.
Noting to the shortage of cultural sources in his country, member of Fanoia cultural institute said, “Translating cultural products of the Razavi Holy Shrine into native languages of Nigerian cities has got a very significant role in getting Nigerians familiar with culture and conduct of the Household of the Apostle of God (S.A.W.)”.
In continuation of his talk, Bala said, “New conversions into Islam is now seen in other religions, however, Muslim converts don’t have easy access to religious books”. He also said, “These people can be culturally supported if Astan Quds Razavi and other cultural bodies in Mashhad send them their cultural products”. 

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