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Health Minister:  Mashhad, a Unique Capacity for Region’s Health Tourism

Health Minister: Mashhad, a Unique Capacity for Region’s Health Tourism

Health minister said, “Mashhad has a unique capacity to attract health tourists in the region”.

Noting that ISESCO’s close relation with other countries and its relation with university can be the excellence point of this international organization, Dr. Seyyed Hasan Ghazizadeh Hashemi reminded, “As a scientific, cultural, and educational center, this organization has an important duty in the development of scientific and cultural interactions among Muslim nations”. He also said, “The organization must endeavor to wide spread knowledge among Islamic countries, promote Muslim scholars’ contacts, and also introduce Islamic countries ‘capabilities”. Ghazizadeh was addressing at the opening ceremony of “Mashhad 2017; Capital of Islamic Culture” held on Bahman 5th / January 24th. This ceremony was held in the Razavi Holy Shrine’s Quds Hall.
Trying to modify Muslims’ affairs by following Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.) orders was introduced by him as a duty of all elites and salient figures. He also reminded, “Islamic counties must be a model for the global peace, in the shade of Islam’s teachings. It is our duty to modify Muslims’ affairs”.
Saying that Islamic countries must pay more attention on interactions in the areas of educations, sciences, and communications, the health minister said, “With respect to their rich history and culture, Muslim countries can be effective in different areas of culture, politics, and science”.
The minster introduced global peace and security as one of the most basic goals of ISESCO and said, “Following Isfahan in 2006, today, Mashhad is the capital of Islamic Culture to take a wide step for the Islamic culture and for the introduction of this land’s scholars”.
Referring to Mashhad’s potentials for attracting tourists, Ghazizadeh Hashemi said, “Due to the existence of Razavi Holy Shrine, Mashhad has got a very special position for tourists. According to last year’s statistics, over 25 million pilgrims have traveled to the city; moreover, large number of people from neighboring countries comes every year for their health and medical affairs”.
Saying that Islamic Republic has got the 16th rank in terms of scientific growth and the region’s 1st rank in terms of number of articles, he said, “Iran is ready to have constructive cooperation in the area of medicine and health and also to establish an active partnership in teacher and student exchange with other countries”.
The health minister reminded, Health reform plan was launched in the 11th government and its result was covering all Iranians with insurance services and also decreasing treatment costs of those living in villages and cities by three and six percent respectively. This plan was glorified by the WHO for two times and it can be exported to other Muslim countries”.
At the end of his talk, Ghazizadeh Hashemi referred to the growth and progress of country’s knowledge-based companies and said, “Islamic counties have to change, with respect to their scientific background, to wealthy states by employing their science. Today, powerful countries are those with more powerful knowledge”.   

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