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The services of the Al-Abbas (p) Holy Shrine's Vehicles Departmen.

The services of the Al-Abbas (p) Holy Shrine's Vehicles Departmen.

The Vehicles Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine makes great efforts in supporting the work of other departments at the holy shrine, by providing the necessary vehicles to accomplish their tasks, in addition to its continuous efforts in providing the free transport to the visitors and distributing the pure water to the Hussayni processions using the water tanker vehicles especially during the Ziyarat of millions taking place in the holy shrines in the holy city of Karbala.

And to find out more details about the department work, Al-Kafeel Network has met with head; Mr. Abd Al-Jawad Kadhem 'Abbas, who said: "The department manage and regulate the use all the large and small vehicles of the holy shrine, including providing the free shuttle service to the visitors to make it easier for them to perform their Ziyarat rituals. And during the Ziyarat special occasions, we provide the transport from the checkpoints where no car is allowed to enter to the nearest place of the holy shrine and vice versa. The department also works to provide the service small, large and tanker vehicles to support the work of other departments, in addition to provide the ambulances that support the work of the medical detachment of the holy shrine to transfer the urgent patients to the hospitals. The total number of the department vehicles is 216 vehicles in various kind and sizes."

He added: "The department work is divided into several affiliated divisions. Each division has a different task:

1- The garage division: Responsible for the repair and follow-up of the holy shrine's vehicles, and it includes many units such as the queries unit that regulate the entry and exit of the vehicles, the unit of stores and standby instruments that contains all sorts of spare parts for the repair of the department vehicles.

2- Control Division: It controls the movement of the vehicles, and through which the appropriate vehicle is determined to perform each task required by the various departments. This work is organized by daily movement records, regulating the time of the exit and return of each vehicle, its kind and number, the name of the driver and the beneficiary department of the mentioned task, and the number of kilometres marked in the vehicles' counter before and after the task.

3- Administrative and Financial Division: Responsible for the administrative matters of the department, the follow-up of the staff, and all the incoming and outgoing documents of the department, in addition to the financial work of the department.

4- Division of the visitors transfer: It works to provide the best services to the visitors, as it is specialised in preparing and providing the free shuttle service for the visitors from various axes."

As for the number of the staffs and how their work is organized, he explained: "The department has 430 employees in the mentioned divisions. They are working in shift system according to each division, as some divisions have morning and evening shifts, while others have even night shift."

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