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50 European and American Shi’ites, Attended the Razavi Shrine

50 European and American Shi’ites, Attended the Razavi Shrine

50 European and American Shi’ites, attended the Razavi Holy Shrine, and got acquainted with cultural activities of the Illuminated Court.

Cultural Deputy of Al-Mustafa International University of Mashhad, on the sidelines of the visit, said, “This group was a group of Al-Mustafa students along with their families, who to visit the Imam Reza (A.S.), Shi’ites from different countries such as India, Pakistan, America, England have come to Mashhad.”
“Several individuals from this group are Newly-Muslim, and some of them are those who have come to Razavi Holy Shrine for the first time” Ali Mahdavi stated.
“Imam Reza (A.S.) has given me a great opportunity, because every time visiting him, I can grasp a new experience, and I am glad on the other hand that I have been blessed by His Highness” one of the members of the group said on the sidelines of the initiation.
“All I am trying to do is by the grace of Imam Reza (A.S.) to practice Islam, and establish purification in myself and the community around me, so as to achieve the best of humanity” Kazem Ali Himani reiterated.
“The number of Muslims, in recent years, have been increasing in the world, and to further development its requires cultural and religious activities” Al-Mustafa student, referring to various cultural and religious programs expressed.
Taslim Naqawi, and other Al-Mustafa student also remarked in the initiation, “Islam is a valuable religion, because it teaches human a way of life and also provides individual growth.”
“Many Muslims should strive and come together to exchange ideas, so this way with effort and their valuable insights provide the development of Islam especially Shi’ism” he enunciated.

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