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Philanthropists from Birmingham help Iraqi martyrs

Philanthropists from Birmingham help Iraqi martyrs

Approximately 50 families, of those who lost their beloved ones during the war against IS, have been helped by a group of munificent people from Birmingham City - Britain, through El-Hawra Young Lady Welfare Center of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine.

Close to the archaeological site “holy shrine” - where the tents of Imam Hussein's family had been, those families gathered, carrying pictures of their martyrs, to receive their aid.


A father of a martyr said, “Such a great favor that some people do remember us and honor our martyrs”. He also said that other people who honor those war-torn families and honor their beloved martyred ones is more important than offering aid to them.


The head of the center, Sara Mohammed, said that this was not the first time such families were helped, but 40 families had previously been helped through the same center. She also mentioned that there is a special care offered to those families, according to the directives of the Custodian of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, his Eminence sheikh Abdul-Mehdi El-Kerbala'e and the general superintendent of the center, Sa'ad Ed-Deen El-Benna.


Not only is the center constantly visiting those families and helping them in the holy city of Kerbala, but it is visiting them in the other cities all over Iraq.


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