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In Razavi Holy Shrine;  An Italian Artist, Embraced Islam

In Razavi Holy Shrine; An Italian Artist, Embraced Islam

An Italian musician artist, attending the Razavi Holy Shrine, converted to Islam.

Manorits Baltezola, whoafter acquaintance with religious concepts, Islamic books, and research on sacred sites, on a visit to Iran, was impressed by knowledge and divine teachings of Islam, adopted Islam as his religion.
Initiating to the Razavi Shrine, declaring his faith, and informed choice of Shi’ism, he got into the path of divine guidance, and found thenew direction of his life in Alawi school.
“I chose Islam by tips of my father, who is not a Muslim, because my father mentioned Islam as a free and independent religion and told me that in Islam, man is in a direct relationship with God” Manorits Baltezola, on the sidelines of the initiation ritual to Islam and Shi’ism told our reporter.
“According to my research about Islam, I became aware that Islam is a complete and free religion, to which anyoneconverts, is free in practice divine demands, and wherever, whenever, and any place can communicate with God, because in other religions, people must be in specific locations, such as the church, temple etc., to communicate with God” he reiterated.
“Accepting Islam by free-thinking people happens under the correct understanding of Islam, and this is provided by thinking, intellectual and spiritual context in the human’s heart”the Newly-Muslim musician, who chose his name Reza,stated.
“Quran, is the most complete model of life for humanity, and attention to the meanings of the Quran verses, illuminates the human”the Italian musician expressed.
“I came to the Razavi Holy Shrine to gather research about Islam this summer, and I witnessed unique attractions in this illuminated place, which made me interested in Islam and Shi’ism” he said, pointing out that Muslim assemblies on various occasions are veryunited and monolithic.
“Today that I declared my faith, I converted to Islam and Shi’ism, I am illuminated inside, and I feel that the spring of my life has started today”the Italian musician uttered.
It should be mentioned that cultural products, including books and the Quran in Italian, were given as a gift by the Management of Non-Iranian Pilgrims of Astan Quds Razavi to this Newly-Muslim.

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