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The Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine creates a factory and warehouse complex with high technical specifications.

The Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine creates a factory and warehouse complex with high technical specifications.

In continuation of the series of its development, industrial and investment projects all for the service of the visitors, the projects of religious tabligh and guidance and writing and printing books, the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues its third and forth industrial and storage complexes' projects, which is the industrial complex located on the road linking the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf.

The complex is a set of industrial halls and its supporting infrastructures, with an integrated system of roads, service buildings as a first phase, the second phase will include the construction of factories that will serve the industrial projects of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.
The head of Engineering Projects Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Engineer Dea' Majeed Al-Sa'egh has explained to Al-Kafeel Network: "The project is one of the various projects adopted byt the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for the creation of appropriate infrastructe for the establishment of any future project according to a plan developed by the holy shrine for this purpose. The total area of the project is almost 93750 square meters as first stage and other spaces will be added for purposes related to this project. This area was divided to two workshops of two floors of 6000 square meters each, and four stor of one floor and of 2500 square meters each. The project is implemented by the turkish company "detay yapi" and Al-Kafeel company for general investments."
He added: "The completion percentage of the project has reached more than 70% after completing the work of the preparation of the ground including the replacement of soil and covering it with gravel and coarse sand and then after ground-arming we started pouring the concrete columns that are the most important and longest-lived ones according to the required specifications and the height of each building. We have used all the modern techniques relying on the imported materials from iron, molds, electrical appliances, machinery, equipments and vehicles in order to provide the latest styles and work techniques in the global marketplace, and, God willing, we are determined to complete the project before the prescribed period if the work continues on this pace and this cooperation between the executive companies."
And noting: "After that the work has achieved advanced stage in pouring foundations and concrete columns, it is time for complementary engineering and construction workd, as we will cover the structure with sandwich panels because of its thermal insulation and it resistance to environmental conditions of Iraq. And we will install a very advanced and sophisticated lighting system along with a monitoring cameras system and a very sophisticated ventilation system. Then we will start the warehouse ground works, which will be same as those used in the global warehouses, namely epoxy floor that toleres the traffic of vehicules seamlessly."
Mr. Al-Sa'egh has explained: "The project also includes a number of administrative buildings, networks of roads, sewers and water, and integrated systems for each building and for the whole project such as the systems of electricyt, fire, alarm, lighting and other technical matters that contribute to the advancement of this project's works."
He concluded: "We are accustomed to the excellence in the projects established by the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, especially in the industrial field projects. And after the completion of the project of workshops and warehouses, we will start the second phase of the construction of factories that suit the factory projects trying to achieve the local self-sufficiency."

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