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The second international film and photo competition for “Kind Muharram”

The second international film and photo competition for “Kind Muharram”

Over 14 centuries ago humanity witnessed the greatest tragedy of all … With the martyrdom of the last grandson of the Prophet Muhammad: Imam Hussain, it is the AhlulBayt and the custodianship which was appointed onto them which Tyranny attempted to severe and forever disappear.

But the Prophet Muhammad’s tradition has lived on through his progeny and the sons of Hussain have held the banner of their father most high.

It is so that communities will remember the Day of Ashura, the Day of Hussain that mourning ceremonies, processions and other events continue to be held and organized. It is so that we would hold to our pledge and treasure the sacrifice given that millions of believers every year have kept the memory of Muharram alive.

For the second-year Iran’s Culture Ministry has organized an international film and photo competition around Muharram: “Kind Muharram” to encourage artists, photographers and movie makers to express Imam Hussain’s message through media.

All are invited to register and submit their work by December 10th, 2016.

Further details can be found here: www.mehremoharram.ir

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