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In the Last Ten Days of Safar;  Meshkat al-Noor International Ceremony was Held

In the Last Ten Days of Safar; Meshkat al-Noor International Ceremony was Held

International ceremony of familiarity with holy Qur’an, known as Meshkat al-Noor, was held with the presence of participants from seventeen countries. This event was held in the last ten days of Safar month and Imam Reza’s (A.S.) martyrdom days.

Over 700 Qur’anic activists, experts, and reciters from all over the world attended the event and tried to offering their best Qur’an recitations, create a beautiful atmosphere for the ceremony’s guests.
Hajj Hamid Shaker Nejad, Iranian international Qur’an reciter, Anar Muhammadoff from Azerbaijan, and Rouhallah Hashemi from Afghanistan were some of the reciters who, by their very beautiful recitations, excited the audience. In fact, these reciters made ceremony’s audience to benefit from inspiring sound of holy Qur’an.
Also, with its pleasing sound, Bayyenat hymn group recited some valuable poems for the guests so that they can take most spiritual advantage of this ceremony.
Ayatollah Muhammad Javad Moravveji Tabasi was appreciated in the same ceremony as the best Razavi researcher and also as the author of the book of “Imam Reza’s (A.S.) Interpretation”. Scientific status of this great scholar was also elaborated for the public.
International ceremony of familiarity with Qur’an, “Meshkat al-Noor”, was held on Azar 4th/ November 24th after night prayer at the Quds auditorium of the central library. Astan Quds Razavi’s management of non-Iranian pilgrims’ affairs hosted this international event. 

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