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Creative Fingers Shaped Features of Husseini Love

Creative Fingers Shaped Features of Husseini Love

During the Arbaeen ceremony, with the multitudes of visitors coming towards the spot of purity and holiness, the creative fingers of one of the servants of Imamain Kadhimain added a masterpiece to the Woodcarving & Decoration Unit.

It was a portrait holding within implications and secrets. We knew more about it when we interviewed Mr. Ibraheem Al-Naqqash, the creator of the portrait, who said: “Everybody is aware of the grand Ziyaras and their majestic scenes and the love and strong faith such visits hold, especially the Arbaeen anniversary”.

“The Saga of Imam Hussein (AS)”, he added, “and the tragedy that took place in Al-Taff Battle inspired me to make this portrait. What makes this portrait unique is that it incarnates several aspects; the outcry provoked in the face of tyranny echoing throughout the ages, the banner of righteousness on which “There is no god but God, Mohammed is the Messenger of God” is inscribed, the famous Hadith saying “Hussein is the lantern of guidance and the Ark of Salvation”, the moon which signified the sacrifice of Al-Abbas, and the stars which represent the martyrs of Al-Taff Battle”.

“We used teak”, he continued, “taken from the old Murad Gate. By this work, we intended to express our allegiance to Imam Hussein (AS) and present it as a gift to Imamain Kadhimain (AS), to Imam Mahdi (AAF) and our Islamic leader Sayyed Sistani (May Allah bless him). We ask the Almighty to accept our humble work”.

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