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'Observing Arbaeen indication of Imam Hussein's immortal ideals'

'Observing Arbaeen indication of Imam Hussein's immortal ideals'

Prominent Lebanese cleric underscored marking Arbaeen after all these years indicated the immortality of Imam Hussein's (PBUH) ideals.

In his newly released message, Prominent Lebanese cleric, Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan hailed observing Abraeen peacefully stressing coomemorating the most revered religious occasions on the Islamic calendar illustrates Imam Hussein's (PBUH) ideals are all immortal.

Part of the message goes, "it is incumbent upon religious leaders to step up and enter the battle field against Takfiri terrorists."

The religious cleric held the occasion of Abreen (culmination of a 40-day mourning period after the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hussein) as the lesson should be taken by all Muslims.

Arbaeen is a Shia Muslim religious observance that occurs forty days after the Day of Ashura to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the third Imam of Shia Muslims.

Each year, millions of pilgrims, mainly from Iraq and Iran, travel long routes on foot to Karbala, where the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) is located.

Needless to say, millions of pilgrims have gathered in Iraq's holy city of Karbala to commemorate Arbaeen marks the culmination of a 40-day mourning period after the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hussein, Prophet Muhammad's grandson and the third Shia Imam.

Over the past days, large crowds of Shia mourners from various countries have arrived in Imam Hussein's shrine in Karbala.

Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan, elsewhere in his remarks, offered congratulations to the Iraqi and Syrian armies as well as their allies on their triumphs and inroads they had made over the Takfiri groups.  

The grand Shia cleric placed accentuation on the necessity of uprooting extremism in the world urging Muslims to work in tandem to this very end.

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