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Painting depicting martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) unveiled at Tehran museum

Painting depicting martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) unveiled at Tehran museum

“The Sky Fell Down”, a large painting featuring the last moments of the life of Imam Hussein (AS) created by the young artist Hassan Ruholamin, was unveiled at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) on Tuesday.

TMCA Director Majid Mollanoruzi and Islamic history expert Mohammad-Hossein Rajabi-Davani were among the participants, the Persian service of MNA reported on Wednesday.

In the year 680 CE on Ashura, the tenth day of the lunar month of Muharram, Imam Hussein (AS) and a number of his loyal companions were martyred in a battle against the oppressive Umayyad dynasty.

Completed in seven months, the large painting features Imam Hussein (AS) on his horse, severely injured by arrows, while the enemy is busy conspiring against the Imam and his household.

In his brief words Mollanoruzi said that the art and culture of Iran have been perpetuated by religious artworks.

“We had these types of paintings in older times with the teahouse paintings, which unfortunately had faded for a period of time; however, today’s younger generation has begun to show interest in it once again,” he added.

Rajabi-Davani also called the artist the genius of the time and expressed his appreciation for his strenuous efforts in creating religious paintings.

Music composer Arya Aziminejad who was also attending the ceremony said that the viewpoint of the artist in having created such a painting on Ashura is quite unique and praiseworthy.

In addition, a number of Ruholamin’s nine other paintings with the central theme of Ashura have been displayed in an exhibition at the museum.

Photo: “The Sky Fell Down”, a painting depicting the martyrdom Imam Hussein (AS) in the Ashura event, is on display during an exhibition of paintings by young artist Hassan Ruholamin at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) on November 1, 2016. (Mehr/Mohammad Mohsenifar)

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