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Astan Quds Razavis Custodian:   Islamic Iran is the Mother Settlement and Source of Insight for Islamic World

Astan Quds Razavis Custodian: Islamic Iran is the Mother Settlement and Source of Insight for Islamic World

Astan Quds Razavi's Custodian described Islamic Iran as the mother settlement and source of insight, an inspiration to promote religious teachings, and also a head-spring for wide spreading resistance morale among Islamic countries.

In a meeting with the guests of a ceremony held to commemorate martyr general Naseri, member of the supreme council of Khorasan seminary school recognized the fight in Syria as a battle between faith and blasphemy and said, "Syrian conflict is not just a simple fight to save a country, but it's an important fight to defend humanity and the Islamic world's security". This meeting was held at the Razavi Holy Shrine's Willayat auditorium. 
Saying that if Islam veterans and defenders of holy shrine had not resisted against Isis, we would be fighting against it in the Iran cities now, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Raeisi stressed, "The corrupted movement of Takfiries as a terrorist movement against rational Islam and as a group formed by the arrogance has got a very deep hostility with the Islamic Republic of Iran". 
"Martyr Naseri and other martyrs of defenders of holy shrine are all zealous men who are standing against those evil and malicious groups fighting with Islam", he added. 
Raeisi said that bravery, dare, awareness of time, well-timed reaction, insight, and sacrifice of defenders of holy shrines have led to the upper gains of resistance front in comparison to the enemy's front. Member of the assembly of experts' managing board said, "A society which forgets sacrifice and changes into a conservative one will be definitely loser and a puppet in the hand of arrogant powers. Today, insight and resistance is the key factor to fail arrogance's plots".

Takfiri Movements; Israeli Plots
In continuation of his talk, Seyyed Ibrahim Raeisi glorified strong and determined will of the resistance forces and hoped that Islamic communities will get rid of such terrorist groups soon. He also added, "Strong beliefs and deep Islamic faith are the biggest capital for the resistance forces and also the reason for their successes". 
He said that Takfiri groups have been formed by Israel. He also stated, "We believe that Isis must not be considered as a Sunni hard-line movement. There is no doubt that all these groups have been formed by Israel and the world Zionism to damage Islam". 
Astan Quds Razavi's Custodian added, "By forming such groups, the arrogance has tried to fight, under the name and cover of Islam, against Islam and those who are ready to fight Israel and arrogant powers and also to fight against those became aware by the Islamic Revolution".
In another part of his speech, member of the supreme council of Khorasan seminary referred to the success of the Islamic front and failures of the enemies in different areas. Noting to different failures of the arrogant powers in all areas, he said, "Today, resistance forces' victory and success can also be seen in ongoing battles of Iraq, Syria, and Yemen".

Arrogance Riding Ignorance
Saying that today's movement of arrogance has gotten on ignorance of a group of people and directs them toward its evil goal, member of the assembly of experts said, "Imam Hussein's (A.S.) blood has provided world's freedom seekers with insight, identity and awareness". He also said, "Martyrs' blood has also led to nations' awakening and has vanished ignorance from their society". 
He stated, "Doing their criminal and barbaric acts, Takfiri groups, formed by the arrogant powers, have targeted Muslims' solidarity and unity".
Seyyed Ibrahim Raeisi introduced martyrs of Islamic Revolution, eight-year war, and resistance front as the followers of Karbala martyrs and said, "Our martyrs will not be forgotten at all as Ashura incidents are eternal for us. In fact, all these martyrs are followers of Ashura movement who sacrificed their lives to defend Islam and divine values. 
At the beginning of this meeting, General Ali Molavi, chief of headquarter of martyr Muhammad Naser Naseri's memorial, glorified this superior martyr and offered a report on the performance of the headquarter. 

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