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Iranian Renowned Cleric:Numb behavior of people made the Ashoora happen

Iranian Renowned Cleric:Numb behavior of people made the Ashoora happen

A teacher of Islamic seminary of Iran said that people often say that we should not be concerned with anyone's spiritual life. If a boat has a hole in its bottom should not other be concern about it? if this hole is not healed would not it cause to drown everyone?

Hujjatul Islam Murtaza Agha Tehrani the member of public relation department of Jamkaran mosque of Qom said that hypocrites interfere with the name of religion while foe make his enmity apparent. Hypocrites cut the bases of religion with their sword. They change the meanings and interpretation of religion. They term the religious dignity as terrorism and terrorism as a war for freedom. 
He said that we should work on the human values like martyrdom, holy war, tolerance. without these properties a society loses his meanings of life. 
He said that Numb behaviour of people made the Ashoor happen. 
Karbala is the cruelest tragedy humanity has ever seen. Yet, the startling (though appalling) events in Karbala proved like a powerful volcano that shook the very foundation of Muslims, it stirred their consciousness, ignorant or learned alike. For sincere Muslims, Karbala turned into a triumph. The tragic event became the very beacon of light to always remind Muslims to practice Islam honestly and sincerely, to do what is right irrespective of consequences, and fear no one except Allah (swt).
On the other hand, Yazid never achieved what he and his father had planned to achieve, for within three years, Allah's wrath fell upon him, causing him to die at the age of 33 years. And within a few decades the rule of Bani Umayya crumbled and came to an end.
The tragedy of Karbala taught humanity a lesson that standing for the truth and fighting unto death for it is more honorable and valuable than submitting to the wrongful, especially when the survival of Islam is at stake. 

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