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Ayatollah Raeisi: “Today, the House of Saud Literature, Is the Same as Yazidis in Year 61 AH”

Ayatollah Raeisi: “Today, the House of Saud Literature, Is the Same as Yazidis in Year 61 AH”

Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, during a meeting with members of the policy-making and planning staff of Maj. General martyr Mohammad Naser Naseri memorial, stating that the Saudi regime is the strategic extension of Yazidi system, said, “Today, the House of Saud literature, is the same as Yazidis in year 61 AH.”

Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, at the meeting which was held on Friday, October 16th, in the Wilayat Hall of Razavi Holy Shrine, introduced the Syrian front as the resistance front against the hegemony and reminded “In dealing with terrorist groups of Syria, we are not talking about defending of a country, but defending the Islam and humanity.”
“We consider Syrian front as ours, because in this debate the main issue is not a country or geography, but the Islamic world security is at stake, and if it was not for the warriors of Islam and Shrine Defenders, today we must have fought against ISIS in Tehran” Member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Seminary of Khorasan said, stating that today, supporters of Sheikh Zakzaky in Africa are also a part of the resistance front.
“Narrating memories alone, is the same as history telling, and like Quranic stories they should be quoted with their philosophy. When expressing the memories of martyrs and Holy War period, causes and reasons should also be noted in order to be instructive for future generations” Member of the Assembly of Experts stated, stressing on quoting the memories of martyrs, along with their philosophy and causes.
“When tribute to the martyrs, in addition to addressing personal life, aspects of their personality should also be explained. Perhaps the personal lives of the martyrs may have some attractions; however, these attractions are very limited. The character of these individuals must be explained, and it can be a role model and a lesson for the next generation” he said, pointing out that the martyrs’ character is full of valuable lessons for the younger generation.
“When stating the memories of the martyrs, on the one hand recounting an event, and on the other hand the philosophy of the event is in mind. What can be helpful and instructive for future generations and the youths is the philosophy of memories of martyrs that must be expounded” Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi added, referring to the term “in order for you to reflect” in Verse 219 of Sura al-Baqara.

Martyrs; Concrete Examples of Dignity
“Dignity means that if a person has a high, divine and connected-to-God spirit, and only sees God, if necessary will donate property, honor and life as well,” Member of the Assembly of Experts uttered, mentioning the martyrs as human beings with dignity. 
Ayatollah Raeisi, stating that the martyr Naseri and other martyrs of Islam, before the martyrdom have reached the position of dignity, reiterated, “Our martyrs, first reached the position of dignity, and with knowledge, authority and devotion to God, risked their lives and attended the battlefield.”
“Martyrs bestowed their lives knowingly, deliberately, purely and with knowledge of the path, guide and leader in the way of God” he expressed, introducing martyrs as concrete examples of dignity. 
Member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Seminary of Khorasan, recounted the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, Holy Defense and the resistance front as extension and successors of the martyrs of Karbala and said, “As Ashura will last in people’s mind forever, so will the martyrs’ memory, because they are the extension of the same Ashura trend, and sacrificed their lives in defense of religion and divine values.”
Ayatollah Raeisi, in another part of his speech, mentioned the importance of time recognition, and saying that one of the characteristics of Ashura’s martyrs was time recognition said, “Today, time recognition for all members of society, especially those who have responsibility in the society is very important. A man who understands the demands of the time, can reform it.”
“Being political means recognizing the demands of the time and circumstances, and play your role accordingly” he commented, stressing that being political differs from politicization and acting politically.
Ayatollah Raeisi, named martyrs as bright stars of jihad and sacrifice sky and stating that the common aspect of all the testaments of the martyrs, is the emphasis on obedience to the Wilayat Faqih, said, “By a little care and tact in testaments of martyrs we find that fighting for God, obedience to Wilayat Faqih and following the path of sacrifice and preserving the values and ideals of the Islamic Revolution, are the common aspects of all martyrs’ testaments.” 
At the beginning of the meeting, Brigadier Gen. Ali Mulawi, the director of Mohammad Naser Naseri memorial staff, while honoring the memory of the noble martyr stated,
“This year, before the anniversary of the martyrdom of martyr Naseri, by consultations with the authorities active in promoting the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom, it was decided to hold the memorial of this noble martyr on October 29th.”
“Thanks to the Almighty God, this valuable program with all the power, by the devoted authorities of sacrifice and martyrdom culture is planned which we hope in the due date in Imam Khomeini's religious center of holy city of Mashhad, with the glorious presence of the people and the families of martyrs to be held”.
“Urban spacing and providing the lasting works of the martyrs by the Municipality of Mashhad, and content-oriented activities, movie and cartoon making from the life of martyr Mohammed Naser Naseri, and unveiling the biography book of the noble martyr, on the sidelines of the memorial, is an important part of the activities of this staff” the director of Maj. General martyr Nasseri’s commemoration staff said, pointing to the activities carried out for holding the ceremony as best as possible.


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