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Tehran Gallery makes its debut with photo display of Ashura rituals

Tehran Gallery makes its debut with photo display of Ashura rituals

Tehran Gallery opened at Tehran’s Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance on Wednesday, dedicating its first exhibit to a photo display of the mourning rituals in Iran for the martyrdom the third Imam of the Shia, Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions.

The gallery has been named after Tehran, after October 5 has been declared the Day of Tehran.

“A selection of 65 photos, displaying the mourning rituals from the past to the present time, recounts the ceremonies in different periods of time dating back to the Qajar era to the present time,” director of the office Mehrshad Kazemi told the Persian service of ISNA.

The gallery was inaugurated on October 5 with the participation of a number of officials including Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization Director Isa Alizadeh, director of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Organization of Tehran, Rajab-Ali Khosroabadi, and several poets.

Tehran City Council member Ahmad Masjed-Jamei, also attending the ceremony, hoped that the photo collection depicting the rituals performed in Tehran’s historical tekyehs will also be displayed in the gallery. 

Tekyeh is a center for seasonal religious ceremonies in Iran and was used in the past for performances of Iranian passion play, tazieh.
Masjed-Jamei also expressed hope that with the collaboration of Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization, the gallery would turn into a hub for Tehrani artists.

The exhibit will be running for ten days in the gallery located on North Motahhari St., Darya Blvd. in the Saadatabad neighborhood.

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