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The Annual Ashura day procession: 12 Oct 2016

The Annual Ashura day procession: 12 Oct 2016

Next Wednesday (October 12, 2016) thousands of Muslims are expected to gather together in Hyde Park (speakers’ corner) to mark the Day of Ashura; a day which forever marks the mourning of Imam Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad and third Imam of Islam.

To remember and commemorate his sacrifice and the courage he so absolutely displayed in the land of Karbala (Iraq), Muslims around the world have always held majilis and mourning marches.

For over 29 years now, Muslims in the UK have held their gathering in central London.

This year a special committee composed of several mosques and Islamic organizations took charge of the event organization.

Seyed Hassan Moussavi, in charge of organizing the march, told Shafaqna that the committee anticipates the arrival of an estimated 5, 000  people, as in previous years.

“People have been informed to arrive at 13:30pm at Hyde  Park (speakers’ corner) , so that at 2pm the procession will begin” said Seyed Moussavi.

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