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“Imam Sajjad (AS)” Int’l Festival to Be Held in Karbala

“Imam Sajjad (AS)” Int’l Festival to Be Held in Karbala

The 3rd edition of “Imam Sajjad (AS)” international festival titled “Tarateel Sajjadiyya” will be organized from October 26 in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq.

Seyyed Jamal Shahrestani, head of the organizing committee of the festival said that religious and cultural figures from different countries have been invited to attend the program.

"Imam Sajjad’s (AS) Treaties of Rights; Foundations and Regulations for a Developed Society” is the motto of this edition of the international program.

He added that it will be attended by religious figures from Al-Azhar University, as well as researchers and scholars of different faiths from Arab and other countries.

Various aspects of the treaties and the Imam’s (AS) stance against the intellectual deviations will be investigated in the festival.

Some research sessions and cultural programs including an exhibition featuring the works about the fourth infallible Imam (AS) will be held for 10 days on the sidelines of the festival.

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