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Muharram and Ashoora are our religious asserts

Muharram and Ashoora are our religious asserts

Friday prayer leader of Iranian city of Kerman said that Muharram and Ashoora are our religious assert.

Ayatollah Syed Yahya Jafri the Friday prayer leader of Kerman addressed a gathering in the preparation of Muharram. He said that Imam Hussain A.S. took stand for ordering the good and forbidding the evils. 
He said that Imam (A) voluntarily allowed himself to be the greatest sacrifice on this earth, seeking to fulfill the will of God. On this day, nearly fourteen hundred years ago, the Imam prepared himself for martyrdom. The symbols of his martyrdom are many, the suffering dreadful. He watched as, one after another, his followers went to their deaths; as, one after another, his kinsmen went to their deaths; even his baby son was slaughtered in his arms as he gave him a farewell hug.
He said that In the words of the companions of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) and the Taabe'en the love and affection for Imam Husain (AS) found in the hearts of the first century of Hijri Muslims was unprecedented. This was because of the extraordinary favors, affection, courtesy and kindness which were expressed by Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) on Imam Husain (AS). Also, those traditions which the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) said in the excellence of the King of Martyrs were popular among the Muslims. These were discussed in the gatherings of the believers. The masses as well as the lords, without exception were aware about it.
Ayatollah Jafri said that we should increase our skills to provide best message of Ashoora.

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