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Al-Kafeel House for printing, publishing and distribution has printed tens of thousands of Iraq's school books

Al-Kafeel House for printing, publishing and distribution has printed tens of thousands of Iraq's school books

Within the contract between the Iraqi Ministry of Education and Al-Kafeel House of printing, publishing and distribution of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Al-Kafeel house has printed tens of thousands of copies of the school books for the coming school year, with a printing quality comparable to the international level, and even better as the printing house has sophisticated and modern equipments managed by highly trained and talented staff.

This was the statement made by the printing house director; Mr. feras Al-Ibrahimi, who added: "The copies that will be printed from the school books of the Iraqi Ministry of Education this year, are about one and half million copies for the multiple classes, including the primary sixth grade, second and third grade, in addition to the fourth grade, which all will be delivered in the few coming days to the ministry in order to be delivered to the students within the agreed timings in the contract." 
Mr. Al-Ibrahimi has also explained: "We have respected in the printing of these books many points that are:
1- The paper quality, which was of European origins, made of environmentally friendly materials and has a smooth texture.
2- The used colors are real colors with high rates of stability and very small variation from the designs sent to us.
3- The books' cover was done in a beautiful and artistic way that helps the students to browse it without effort, preserving the books' pages all over the year if used conveniently.
4- The font and drawing are clear, thanks to the modern and sophisticated equipments of the printing house and its staff.
5- The method used for pasting and making every book according to its size and its pages' number
6- In addition to other technical specifications.".
He continued: "One of the most important reasons for the choice of the Ministry of Education to print its books at Al-Kafeel House for printing, publishing and distribution, is its success in answering the needs of the customers, whether institutions or individuals, as all its publications are in conformity with the international standards and the Iraqi quality control body."
Mr. Feras Al-Ibrahimi has concluded: "We hope from the Iraqi Ministry of Education to minimize printing its books outside Iraq and head towards the local printing houses." 
It is to note that the Project of Dar Al-Kafeel for printing, publishing and distribution is part of a strategy of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in attaining self-sufficiency and achieving a mechanism relying on the available possibilities for printing books, magazines and newspapers, and to contribute to the dissemination of culture and the provision of readable Articles, serving the author on the one hand and the publisher on the other hand, through raising the quality and reducing the cost. It has been equipped with the latest printing machinery and equipment from global origins, to met the printing needs of the holy shrine and the other institutions from the leaflets, books, magazines, posters and others, with high technical specifications and accuracy.

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