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Conversion of Four Swedish Pilgrims to Islam in Razavi Shrine

Conversion of Four Swedish Pilgrims to Islam in Razavi Shrine

Four Swedish pilgrims, on their first visit to the Razavi Holy Shrine accepted Islam and Shi’ism by stating the declaration of faith.

One of the four Swedish pilgrims, called Lief Jonah Apelgern, said about his conversion to Islam, “One of the factors that led me to Islam was my wife, who converted to Islam last year, and she helped me a lot for this conversion to Islam.” 
“I am a police consultant, and I have tried to guide many youths to the right path in my life. God in this way, bestowed me the valuable gift of guidance” he said.
“The Shi’ism is a factor to change the human, and this way they will have progress from inside” Lief Jonah Apelgern stated.
“In addition to watching movies, I have read a lot of history books, and also the Qur'an with pondering, and the inner feelings and peace of heart toward this religion, was the ground to get to the Shi’ism” he expressed, pointing out the studies on the subject.
“This verse that “if someone hurt you, treat them cheerfully and put all your efforts to guide him” is one of the most beautiful verses I read in Qur'an, and I exert it in my manner and ethics” he said at the end, pointing to one of the verses of Quran.
It should be noted that this four Swedish pilgrims, received a conversion certificate from the Management of Non-Iranian Pilgrims Affairs of Astan Quds Razavi.

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