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Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi: “Islamic Awakening Cannot Be Destroyed”

Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi: “Islamic Awakening Cannot Be Destroyed”

Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, in the opening ceremony of the academic year of Navvab Seminary School said, “The Islamic awakening is a movement and a wave, which cannot be destroyed by the conspiracies and attempts of hegemony.”

Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, at the event, which this morning Wednesday September 7th, was held in the Navvab seminary school of holy Mashhad, stressing that the Islamic awakening waves are not to be eliminated said, “It is possible that enemies affect governments with various schemes; however, they cannot eradicate the message which is disseminated by the blood of the martyrs and sacrifice of warriors. It is possible to deny citizenship of Sheikh Issa Qassim in Bahrain, or imprison Sheikh Zakzaky in Nigeria, and kill Sheikh Nimr, but understanding of the Islamic awakening cannot be abolished and this phenomenon sooner or later will expand.”
Member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Seminary of Khorasan, by quoting this tradition by Imam Ali (A.S.), which addressed Kumayl ibn Ziyad said, ‘the hearts are like containers, so the greatest one has the most capacity’, noted, “This capacity in light of devotion to God, and appealing to Infallible Imams (A.S.) is created, and one of the best positions to increase the capacity of the hearts, is the pilgrimage to Holy Shrines of Infallible Imams (A.S.).”
Board member of the Assembly of Experts, outlined the importance of capacity building for religious scholars as doubled, and reminded, “Today, "education" and "moderation" is two covenants, which scholars have with God, to lead the Islamic community to be divine.”
“In the words of Imam Ali (A.S.), the emphasis on education and moderation is stressed that based on education messages, we should make endeavor to educate the talented individuals, and in the moderation discussion, the purpose is to fight oppression and corruption” he reiterated.
He, then emphasized the need to accompaniment of science and spirituality, and stating that many of the problems of the contemporary world is the result of science without spirituality, said, “Turning Africa into West laboratory, seventy-year-old oppression of the Zionist usurper regime to the defenseless people of Palestine and today's deplorable situation of the world, is the product of science without spirituality, and oppressions today is also involved the Western people.”
Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Raeisi, referring to the tradition by Imam Sadiq (A.S.) ‘Science, is the light that God casts in the hearts of everyone he desires’ stated, “Imam Sadiq (A.S.) considered truth in servitude, accordingly, the entire universe is under proprietorship and kingdom of God Almighty.”
Member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Seminary of Khorasan Razavi, introduced the true meaning of science in relation with righteous beliefs, generous ethics, and familiarity with the obligations and prohibitions of religion, and said, “The scholar is someone who has a ‘comprehensive science’ and ‘good deeds’. The true jurisconsult is not a person, who only memorizes issues of jurisprudence in mind with his bright memory, but is one who the jurisprudence in nature, activities and all aspects of his life is present.”
Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, mentioned the most important difference between jurisprudence today and in the past, the issue of "governance", and explained, “Today, jurisprudence is ruling, and against all the different words in the world, claims that it could form all aspects of the social life of contemporary human.”
“In none of these periods, like today, the jurisprudence have not ruled the society; however, now jurisprudence rules our society” he asserted, pointing to the fine work of scholars in different periods of Islamic history.
“These issues are not limited only to jurisprudence affairs and rules, but for Islamic civilization, we should answer new problems in various fields of science, spirituality, economy and social life of people”.
“Shi’ite jurisprudence is so rich, in which there is no dead-end, and there is no problem that jurisprudence does not have an answer for; however, it requires efforts and research of jurisconsults, scholars, and seminary students of seminary schools” Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Raeisi stated, stressing that Shi’ite jurisprudence does not have a dead-end.
“Thanks to God and the Islamic Revolution, today the circumstances for expanded activity of seminaries is provided and conditions for research is here more than ever, and students should benefit from these conditions appropriately” Member of the Assembly of Experts reiterated, advising seminary students to make efforts and take advantage of favorable conditions available to study and explain the Islamic rules.
“Revolutionary spirit is an immunizing mechanism, and protects human against many mistakes, and meanwhile, seminaries, as the origin of Islamic revolution, have an important role in the dissemination of culture and revolutionary thought” he stated in another part of his speech, the revolutionary thinking as the solution to all country's problems.
Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Raeisi, in the end, spoke on the high status of Islamic legislation, and with reference to one of his memories of past missions in Africa said, “On this trip, I met an outstanding jurist, a friend of Mr. Nelson Mandela, who was the assignee to draft South Africa's constitution. He said I read all the constitutions of countries, and I found the most progressive constitution in your country. You merged democracy and ideals i.e., the religious democracy.”

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