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Sunni scholar hails Supreme Leader’s Hajj message

Sunni scholar hails Supreme Leader’s Hajj message

Prominent Sunni scholar hailed recent Hajj message issued by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as a proper and timely criticism of the inappropriate function of Saudi Arabia on Mina incident.

Sheikh Maher Hamoud, director of International Union of Resistance Scholars in Lebanon, rejected the degrading remarks by Saudi Mufti on Mina incident demanding the reason for neutral stance by the world of Islam.
He said,” Victims of Mina incident were from different countries. So what is the reason for silence of the Muslim world? Why were the bodies buried without identification? Why were the bodies degraded and heaped in containers as if they were useless or expired goods?”
Lebanese cleric also referred to negotiations between Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage denouncing the latter for its illogical proposals which led Iran to abstain from the annual pilgrimage.
Sheikh Maher Hamoud stressed,” Hajj message of the Supreme Leader is derived from Islamic teachings and proving His Eminence’s concerns over Mina incident and also possibility of the incident to happen again while Saudi Mufti disrespected Iranian nation with titles which are not appropriate for the honorable nation of Iran.”
He noted that remarks of the Saudi Mufti fan the fire of disagreements and hearing such words from a religious leader- if not a top Mufti from a great Islamic country- is quite weird while the world of Islam is harassed in a critical situation and to utter even one irresponsible word would spark a war.
Lebanese cleric reacted to the Saudi Mufti calling Iranian nation as non-Muslims and demanded,” Iranians go to Hajj pilgrimage every year and the Saudi Mufti has just recognized them as non Muslims who should be deprived of the annual ceremony?”
Director of International Union of Resistance Scholars stressed all Muslims should have the rights for annual Hajj pilgrimage and Saudi officials should spare no effort for managing the ceremony perfectly and not depriving a particular group based on their personal whim.
Prominent Lebanese cleric stressed that to frighten Sunni scholars from Iran is a vain effort same way that anti-Iran allegations of spreading Shia Islam among Sunni communities is vain.
He proposed the question if ,” normalization of ties with the Zionist regime, cooperation in Gaza Strip occupation, destruction of Syria, Supporting the hypocrites, spending the treasury for personal debauch and atrocities, obedience of the US” are all definitions for Sunni Islam? Demanding,” Are those who call themselves as Sunni Muslims (Saudi authorities) and tarnish the image of the holy religion true Sunni Muslims?
Sheikh Maher Hamoud praised Islamic Republic of Iran for prioritizing the issue of Palestine over all crises in the world of Islam while some other Muslim states have totally ignored the important issue and only pretend to support the occupied lands and the oppressed nation.
He concluded,” One of our most important missions at present is to end the disagreements and sectarian wars in a bid to undermine gaps between different Islamic denominations.”

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