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Pakistani Sunni religious leader seeks unbiased probe into Mina tragedy

Pakistani Sunni religious leader seeks unbiased probe into Mina tragedy

Pakistan prominent Sunni religious leader urges Saudi government to carry out an unbiased and transparent investigation of the disaster occurred in Mina during Hajj last year in which thousands of innocent people lost their lives.

Head of Pakistan National Solidarity Council, Sahibzada Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair said that safety and security of Hajis is the responsibility of the Saudi government and the way they handled the stampede disaster investigation is regrettable.

“We can only express sorrow over the Saudi attitude,” he said.

He said that the Saudi attitude is casting doubts over their justice system. “They should carry out transparent investigation of the incident and punish those who are found responsible for the loss of lives of innocent Muslims,” he stressed.

He went on to say that Saudi Arabia still has the time to form an independent commission to properly investigate the tragic incident.

“If Saudi Arabia has some difficulty in organizing a safe Hajj, they can seek help from other Muslim countries in this regard,” he said. ‘Such arrangement would contribute to removing faults in Hajj management.’

Expressing his views, Zubair said that Hajj is the religious obligation on all able Muslims so all Muslim countries can intervene and help organize a safe Hajj.

He added that resources of all Muslim countries can be utilized for better Hajj arrangements.

The prominent religious leader said that Saudi Arabia needs to review its Hajj policy and must allow other Muslim countries to handle the hajj affairs.


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