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Latest Programs of Imam Ali (AS) Holy Shrine's Dar al-Quran

Latest Programs of Imam Ali (AS) Holy Shrine's Dar al-Quran

Dar Quran belonging to Department of Religious Affairs in Imam Ali Holy Shrine organized a trip to its students, who are participating in the Quranic competition. The trip covered the religious sites in Babylon Province.

The official of Quranic Education Unit, Mr. Sattar Habl al-Mateen said in a statement to the media center of Imam Ali Holy Shrine "the Quranic Education Unit organized an introductory tour of religious shrines in the province of Babylon for its student, who are participating in it Quranic competition. The students were about 60 students in addition to the teaching staff."

He added "the tour was to visit the shrines of the holy shrine of the prophet Job (peace be upon him), the shrine of the Bakr bin Imam Ali (peace be upon them), the shrine of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) and the shrine of Ms. Sharifa the daughter of Imam Hassan (peace be upon him). also, the tour included the establishment Quranic assembly and a visit to the archaeological and heritage landmarks in the province".

on the other hand, Dar Quran organized  Quranic assembly by hosting the delegation of the  Quranic Complex from Basra province.

The visitor delegation contained gathering of students, including the number of readers and students who memorizes Holy Quran, as well as the administrative and teaching staff.

The assembly was opened with Quranic recitation for Dirgham Jehadi, who is one of the students in Imam Ali Holy Shrine; then, a Quranic recitation for Sajjad Hakim Lafta from the visitor delegation.

At the end of the assembly, the participants were honored with gifts presented by Dar Quran in Imam Ali Holy Shrine as well as honoring the other members of the Quranic delegation. 

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