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Eighteen Taiwanese Students Attended the Razavi Holy Shrine

Eighteen Taiwanese Students Attended the Razavi Holy Shrine

Eighteen students from Taiwan, attended the Razavi Holy Shrine and visited this Holy Court.

Taiwan History University professor, said on the sidelines of the visit, “What ISIS promotes in public opinion has caused many non-Muslims to become skeptical about this divine religion, and they are unable to recognize the pure Islam.”
“The world now, is a world of media and we should strive to introduce this divine religion to the world as best as we can, so they can have a positive and profound attitude toward this religion” Dr. Manuchehr Qurbani stated.
“Efforts to update sciences, as well as foster awareness to all Muslims, is something that should be regarded as a priority for religious missionaries” he reiterated.
“The first purpose of my trip to Mashhad and initiation into this Holy Place, was knowing the religion of Islam and familiarity with the propaganda of the enemy, and I was able to gain a deep understanding of this great religion during the trip” a history student at Taiwan University said.
“Iranian people are very kind and lovely, and unlike those propagandas that have been performed by the West, they possess a pure and genuine civilization” Gracie Yoon expressed, referring to the Iranian people and their characteristics.
“This great establishment has wide buildings, and architectures in this holy place would catch the eye of any visitor” another Taiwanese student uttered.
“Technology and structure in this sacred place, shows the successful and powerful management of Astan Quds Razavi among other institutions” Shey Beny said.


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