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Al-Abbas Holy Shrine Held a Seminar on Iraqi Quran Recitation Style in Karbala

Al-Abbas Holy Shrine Held a Seminar on Iraqi Quran Recitation Style in Karbala

A seminar titled “Iraqi Style of Quran Recitation; A Major Heritage” was organized on the sidelines of “Amir al-Qurra” national Quranic plan in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq.

The seminar hosted Abdul Mahdi Al-Morshedi, an eminent Qari who has mastered the Iraqi recitation style.

The program began with the recitation of some verses from the Quran by Muhammad Sattar, the youngest participant in the Amir al-Qurra plan.

Hassan Abdul Wahhab and Karar Mashkour were two other Quran reciters in the seminar.

Addressing the seminar, Al-Morshedi discussed the history of the Iraqi style and some of his experiences in this respect.

He further stressed the importance of acting upon Quranic teachings besides reading of the verses.

The Quran expert added that contemplating the Divine verses is the main objective of reading and reciting the Quran and highlighted the positive effects of Quranic programs like Amir al-Qurra in society.

The second edition of the plan is underway in the holy city of Karbala by the Center for Training Quran Memorizers and Reciters affiliated to the Quranic Institute of the Astan (custodianship) of Hazrat Abbas’s (AS) holy shrine.

60 teenagers from different provinces of the country have participated in the plan.

The participants get acquainted with various Quran recitation styles, including the styles of Sheikh Shahat Anwar, Sheikh Hafiz Ismail, Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad and Sheikh Minshawi.


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