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Story of Hazrat Muslim against the terrorism

Story of Hazrat Muslim against the terrorism

The member of Islamic Thought and Cultural Institute’s knowledge board while pointing towards the teachings of Islam regarding killing in Islam said that terrorism is the name of killing based on ignorance which has no Sharia argument in favor.

According to Islamic Republic of Iran’s calendar of Shahrivar’s 8th it has been named the day against the terrorism because on 1360 A.H in Iran a terrorist episode occurred in result of which the President of Iran Muhammad Ali Rajai, the Prime Minister of Muhammad Jawad Bahonar and some of their companions lost their precious lives.

The knowledge board member Abdul Wahab of Islamic Thought and Cultural Institute Abdul Wahab Farati while pointing towards the reality of terrorism said that terrorism is the name of killing based on ignorance and in religious connotations it has been named as ‘fitak’.

It is absolutely forbidden and is condemned in Islam. Both Shia and Sunni school of thought contain many arguments against it.

In Shia school one narration is specifically quoted from the history when Muslim Bin Aqeel (A.S) entered Kufa, he took refuge in the home of Hani Ibn Urwa (A.S). The governor of the government of the time Obaidullah Ibn Ziyad feigns falsely to enquire about the health of Hani Ibne Urwa (A.S). Before the arrival of Ibne Ziyad, Hani Ibne Urwa (A.S) tells Hazrat Muslim (A.S) that kindly hide behind the curtain and when Ibne Ziyad enters, attack on him to kill him so that the biggest hurdle of Imam Hussain (A.S) ‘s arrival to Kufa is eliminated. When Ibne Ziyad enter his home, however Hani points to Hazrat Muslim (A.S) to come out of the curtain to kill Ibne Ziyad but Muslim Bin Aqeel (A.S) does not do so.

When Ibne Ziyad leaves the home of Hani (A.S), he asks Hazrat Muslim (A.S) why didn’t you kill him he replied that when I unsheathe my sword I was reminded the narration of the Prophet (PBUH) that a believer does not kill anyone without making his opponent aware. 

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