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For the First Time in Iran,  Gallium-based Radiopharmaceuticals Came into Clinical Operation in Razavi Hospital

For the First Time in Iran, Gallium-based Radiopharmaceuticals Came into Clinical Operation in Razavi Hospital

Razavi hospital's nuclear medicine department, for the first time in the country and the region has produced gallium-based radiopharmaceuticals and reached the clinical operation.

Razavi Hospital with the constructive support of Astan Quds Razavi, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and cooperation with the AEOI, and Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, took another step on the path to medicine self-sufficiency.
According to the report, the nuclear medicine department of the hospital, managed to produce two new radiopharmaceuticals and clinical utilization in the country.
“Production of the radiopharmaceuticals, only in a few European countries is at research and development level, and it is considered a highly precise method that now, is the main discussion of nuclear medicine in the whole world, and carrying out the procedure in Razavi hospital should be looked toward as the absolute cases of national self-sufficiency”.
“Costs for similar products in foreign countries, with added value for foreign patients is very high and we hope with such activities, the motto of the year, which wisely by the Supreme Leader is called “resistive economy; action and implementation”, receive a practical realization, and our efforts are targeted to achieve the goal” Dr. Sultani reiterated, stating that for equipment and production of radiopharmaceuticals, about five million euros have been spent only in 2006.
“These two radiopharmaceuticals, are used in diagnostic area, and all colleagues in the Razavi hospital Department of Nuclear Medicine are also trying to produce therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals” he said. 
“In fact, we must acknowledge that our country is attacked, and acute and cowardly sanctions caused advanced technologies, especially in the field of nuclear innovations, not to be at our disposal, thus, according to the conditions, access to the technology, although difficult, is necessary and important” Dr. Sultani asserted.
“At the late 2006, contracts for establishment and expansion of the complex process to start Nuclear Medicine Department, and radioactive products in this center began and due to the existing sanctions, even some of the parts were hardly imported and we have to admit that through specific strategies we could achieve this stage” he said on efforts to reach this stage of the production of radiopharmaceuticals in Razavi Hospital.
“This unit opened in 2013. We brought PSMA in 2014, and FDG in 2015. Today, two other radiopharmaceuticals 68GA-PSMA, and 68GA-Dota TATE went labeled, which are used to diagnose prostate and neuroendocrine cancers” Dr. Sultani expressed.
“Through the efforts of the experts in the field, we are now working to produce therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals that for other cancers, such as cancers of the brain region are utilized” he uttered.
“Turkey and United Arabic Emirates are the only countries in the region that have access to these achievements, and unfortunately lots of currency, due to perform these screening procedures, heads out of the country, and many large costs for these matters were carried, and now, with the launch of this center, fortunately, these methods are also applicable in our dear country” Dr. Sultani recounted.


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