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Hazrat Abbas (AS) Holy Shrine to Host “Imam Hussein (AS)” Int’l Forum

Hazrat Abbas (AS) Holy Shrine to Host “Imam Hussein (AS)” Int’l Forum

"Outstanding Virtues in Imam Hussein’s (AS) Uprising and Its Role in Human Perfection” is the title of the two-day program.

It will be held at Imam Hassan (AS) Hall of the holy shrine with the motto of "Imam Hussein’s (AS) Uprising, the Light of Human Perfection”.

The International Research and Studies Center affiliated to the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Section of the holy shrine will organize the forum in cooperation with the Iranian Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities (SAMT), the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches and Karbala University.

Ahmad Al-Ka’bi, member of the organizing committee of the program, said that from among 100 papers submitted so far, 40 have been selected to be presented at the forum.

The international event aims to develop intellectual convergence among various scientific and academic associations on studies about humanity in Imam Hussein’s (AS) uprising, scientific evolution and its relation with the objectives of the uprising, identification of human and moral virtues of the uprising and establish the virtues in society.

The aspects of the uprising’s effects on education, intellectual and moral aspects of the uprising, its role in liberation of nations, and the objectives of the Imam’s (AS) companions are some of the themes of the forum.

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