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We pray Allah eliminates evil House of Al Saud from Hajj responsibility - Senior Shia scholar

We pray Allah eliminates evil House of Al Saud from Hajj responsibility - Senior Shia scholar

In a meeting with managers of the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization and officials of the office of the Supreme Leader in North Khorasan province of Iran, Sheikh Habibollah Mehmannavaz stressed on the use of past experiences in order to achieve new victories and added: “In regard to the subject of Hajj we must learn from our past experiences.”

Referring to the 2015 stampede in Mina, the representative of the people of North Khorasan in the Assembly of Experts said that the Al Saud have acted in an inappropriate way during the Hajj as the Hajj is a representation of worship and obedience toward God Almighty and is the best manner to promote and propagate the religion.

“Unfortunately, it has been implemented in an inappropriate manner,” he added.

Stating that the last years’ Hajj was oppressive, His Eminence said: “We pray that the Lord Almighty eliminates the evil House of Saud and removes them from having responsibility over this holy ritual.”

Sheikh Mehmannavaz pointed out that the best way to explain true Islam is through the Hajj and its rites and said that measures carried out by the Al Saud are not compatible with the tradition of the Abrahamic Hajj and the aims of the Prophet Muhammad.

“The Hajj must be performed in an informed manner and used in the correct manner,” he said.

His Eminence stated that the Hajj must make the people aware and transform them and pointed out that pilgrims should return from Makkah with full awareness and convey their knowledge of the ‘land of divine revelation’ to the people and enlighten them.

Sheikh Mehmannavaz said that some people go to Makkah to visit the house of the Lord [Ka’bah], but when they return, the pilgrimage didn’t have any effect on them and the scent of the Ka’bah doesn’t emanate from them because they haven’t performed Hajj in an cognizant manner.

He added that we thank God and we are grateful that our religion has prepared Hajj as a constructive program for the Islamic nation but to take advantage of its capacities, the people must have awareness of their religion and insight so that they attain deeper and more correct benefits from the Hajj.

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