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A Spanish Lady Converts to Islam at Razavi Holy Shrine

A Spanish Lady Converts to Islam at Razavi Holy Shrine

A Spanish lady converted to Islam at the Razavi Holy Shrine, concurrent with the Razavi Karamat ten-day celebrations.

Cristiana Hernandez Vidal, the Spanish new Muslim, converted to Islam by reciting profession of faith at the Razavi Holy Shrine.
After converting to Islam, she chose Marziyeh as her new name. Also, in an interview with our correspondent, she said, "About one year ago, I received a copy of Qur'an as a gift. When I studied the book, I had a very good feeling for it and this nice sense made me interested in Islam. I researched about it, therefore". 
She went on, "I have had lots of studies on Islam and all the Imams' (A.S.) biographies". She also said, "After all these studies and researches, I decided to convert to this divine religion". 
"I am really interested in visiting Imam Hussein's (A.S.) Holy Shrine in Karbala since I have studied the tragedy of Karbala completely and I want to have a close visitation of this Holy Shrine", Marziyeh added.
She continued, "I have a good feeling now and I'll try to be a missionary of Islam and to invite my friends to this religion when I return to Spain".
This new Spanish Muslim married a young Iranian man at the Razavi Holy Shrine, after her conversion to Islam.


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