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  • تاریخ انتشار:‌ 1395/05/21 - 12:00 ق.ظ
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Razavi Cultural-Propagative Caravan Arrives Sierra Leone

Razavi Cultural-Propagative Caravan Arrives Sierra Leone

The international caravan of ‘In the Shade of the Sun’ that had left for Sierra Leone, arrived Lungi airport yesterday evening and moved toward Freetown, the capital of this country.

The members of the caravan, carrying the blessed flag of the Razavi Holy Shrine and the cultural souvenirs of Astan Quds Razavi, met with the cultural counselor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sierra Leone and meanwhile illustrating the mission of the caravan stressed on expansion of cultural relations with Muslim countries.
Referring to numerous cultural capacities in Sierra Leone, Hujjat al-Islam Ma’refat regarded such propagative activities in line with spread of the genuine Islam and declared the readiness of Iran’s cultural embassy in this country to advancement of programs of the caravan.
He pointed to the attempts for establishment of Imam Reza (A.S.) Foundation in this country and development of its branches in different parts of Sierra Leone with contribution of the benevolent and prospected the realization of this project in near future. 
Members of the caravan also visited different districts and centers of Freetown along with Iran’s cultural counselor in Sierra Leone.
It is notable that Sierra Leone is the westernmost African country where 70 percent of the population is Muslim. 

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