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Quran Competition Held in London

Quran Competition Held in London

The Imam Hussein (AS) Center in the British capital of London recently held its annual Quran competition.

It was held on Tarteel and Tajweed recitation of the Quran.

20 Quran reciters took part in the contest, which was held for men only, the report said.

Three Quran experts, Seyed Jalal Masoumi, Seyed Munir al-Hakim and Mustafa al-Ali made up the panel of judges.

They selected Seyed Jafar al-Hakim and Muhnad Falih as the winners of Tarteel and Tajweed categories, respectively.

The Imam Hussein (AS) Center was founded by a group of Afghan Shias residing in England some 5 years ago.

It regularly organizes different Quranic programs, including competitions, under the supervision of Quran master Seyed Jalal Masoumi.

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