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American Muslim Convert:  Pleasure of Presence at Razavi Shrine Is Unique

American Muslim Convert: Pleasure of Presence at Razavi Shrine Is Unique

Attending at the Razavi Holy Shrine, an American Muslim convert said, " The love of Imam Reza (A.S.) brought me to Iran and pleasure of presence at this illuminated shrine is very unique".

In an interview, Jonathan who has chosen Yousefali as his new Muslim name stated, "It was five years ago that I visited Razavi Shrine for the first time. And at the very early moments of this first visitation, I wanted God to give me another chance of coming to this Holy Shrine".
Regarding his conversion, he said, "I did not believe in God when I was a teenager. However, I got interest in Islam and become a Muslim when studying philosophical books and having researches on it". This American Muslim converted to Islam at the age of 26. 
California's seminary student added, "Establishment of a Husseiniyeh near my home and getting familiar with the clergyman of this center made me more familiar with the details of the religion and as a result of which I found that Islam is the most complete and comprehensive religion of Allah which is superior over all the other religions". 
On the sideline of his visitation from Qur'an and Exquisite Treasury of Astan Quds Razavi, he said, "This collection is really amazing and its beautiful architecture and exquisite objects made it a very unique museum. The museum also conveys a special sense of spirituality to the visitor". 
"Existence of such a unique collection is a big chance for the Iranian people. I envy them, as we don't have such a collection in the U.S.", Yousefali stated.
Saying that I decided to immigrate to Iran from my first visit, he continued, "I felt that all my questions can be answered and all my lost things can be found here in Iran. Therefore, I decided to come to Qom to continue my seminary education". 
It is worth mentioning that Yousefali and 19 other American Muslims went on the pilgrimage of Imam Reza's (A.S.) Holy Shrine and visited museums of Astan Quds Razavi. Organization's treasuries of Qur'an and Exquisites, Supreme Leader's gifts, hand written Qur'ans attributed to the purified Imams (A.S.), Mr. Farshchian's museum, and sections of calligraphy and painting hall and also cover pages and writing instruments were the sections visited by the group.


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