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Secretariat of the Kufa great Mosque and the attached shrines, launch the cultural festival of Al-Safeer

Secretariat of the Kufa great Mosque and the attached shrines, launch the cultural festival of Al-Safeer

The Secretariat of the great Kufa Mosque and the attached shrines, launch on the morning of Saturday the 18th Shawwal 1437 AH corresponding to the 23rd July 2016, the sixth edition of the cultural festival of Al-Safeer, held under the slogan: "Al-Kufa, a past epic and the hope for the future."

This festival is held to commemorate the fifth of Shawwal of the year 60 AH, on which Muslim Ibn 'Aqeel (peace be upon both of them) entered to the city of Kufa, as the emissary of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) to Kufis. The festival is also held to support the victories of the popular mobilization and the security forces in their war on terrorism.

The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine attended the opening ceremony by its delegation headed by its General Secretary; Engineer Mohamad Al-Ashiqar. The ceremony was also attended by academics and religious and cultural figures from inside and outside the province of Najaf.

The opening ceremony held at Al-Kufa Mosque, began by the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and reading the Al-Fatihah in the memory of the martyrs of Iraq and the hymn of the great Mosque. Followed by the word of the Secretariat of the Great Mosque and the attached shrines, delivered by the Secretary Dr. Engineer Mustafa Salman Shubbar, in which he emphasized the importance of holding such events within the current circumstances, especially the enemies of Iraq are seeking to stop wheel of awareness and progress..."

Adding: "So, we are seeking through the establishment of these festival to build cultural, intellectual and knowledge institution that highlights our civilization heritage, by inviting great thinkers, scholars and writers to participate in all the activities of the festival, which includes most of the scientific, cultural, intellectual and literary fields, such the Quranic studies, research and poems, in addition to providing awards for creators in various fields."

Followed by the word of the presidency of the Shiite Endowment delivered by Saed Musa Al-Khalkhali; General Director of the holy shrines department, reminding how we can be inspired from the life and sacrifices of the ambassador of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), his dear cousin Muslim Ibn 'Aqeel (peace be upon him) with the lessons he gave of pride, heroism, steadfastness and dedication in the defence of the right in the face of the deviation camp, which we are in a great need in these difficult days..."

Then, the Kuwaiti poet Mohammed Al-Harzi has presented to the audience a poem in which he has shown the status of Kufa, especially by embracing the shrine of the Ambassador of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon both of them), preceded by a documentary film about the 5th of Shawwal on which Muslim Ibn 'Aqeel entered to Kufa.

Then the winners of the contest of authoring and investigation were given their awards. The first prize went to Sheikh Rasul Kashem Abd Sada, the second prize went to Mr. Bassem Mohamad Mal-Allah and the third prize went to Sayed 'Alae Mohamad Taqi Al-Hakeem. Followed by paying tribute to some of those who contributed in the establishment of this festival by the distribution of appreciation certificates, they were Sayed Mohamad Ali Al-Helo and Sayed Faysal Rekan; the Director of the Iraqi Media Network, the media sponsor of the festival.

The ceremony, which has a large wide media coverage, was concluded by the invitation of guests to the opening of the exhibition of photos, calligraphy and the holdings of the Secretariat of the Al-Kufa great Mosque and the attached shrines.

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