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Karbala to Host Quran Competition for Women

Karbala to Host Quran Competition for Women

A national Quran memorization and recitation competition is planned to be organized for women in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq.

The "Nur-ol-Zahra (SA)” Institute for Quran Memorization, Recitation and Interpretation will hold the competition on July 28.

Memorization of the entire Quran, memorization of 20 Juzes (parts) of Quran and Tahqeeq recitation are the categories of the competition.

July 18 was the deadline for signing up for the Quranic event.

Tahqeeq is one of the three modes of recitation of the Quran. It is the precise, slow recitation that is meticulous and heedful of meaning. It gives each letter, in place and manner, its rightful measure (according to the rules of Tajweed).

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