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Losing Hajj opportunity harms Iran

Losing Hajj opportunity harms Iran

The Supreme Leader’s representative in the Persian Gulf states that Hajj is a medium to spread a message and losing this opportunity harms Iran.

Speaking at the Hajj and Media Engineering Conference at the Islamic Research Centre, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Mahmoud Madani-Bajestani said that Saudi Arabia does not have any logic in its actions and the West’s eyes are closed to the occurrences and particularities in Saudi Arabia and therefore don’t witness cases of human rights violations.
The representative of the Supreme Leader in the Persian Gulf stated that we are currently facing an era of media conflict “Our world is a world of media," he added, "and the hajj is also medium in all its meaning for communicating our message through the use of images, sounds and slogans.”
Hujjat al-Islam Madani-Bajestani said: “Deprivation from the Hajj pilgrimage means deprivation from the media because the Hajj is the greatest medium in the Islamic world. Thus, deprivation from Hajj is not in our favour.”
According to Rasa, his Eminence pointed out that this year, even if one thousand Iranians can participate in the Hajj with hardship, we must not allow this opportunity to be lost. 
“Just as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has commanded, we should strive to have a presence in the Hajj,” he said.
Hujjat al-Islam Madani-Bajestani said that the public opinion in Muslim countries is not in favour of Iran and that in these circumstances, we must work hard to demonstrate to the Islamic world that the problem of Iran’s exclusion from the Hajj is not Iran’s fault.  

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