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Razavi Hospital Director,   The Most Advanced Cardiovascular Therapies Are Offered in Razavi Hospital

Razavi Hospital Director, The Most Advanced Cardiovascular Therapies Are Offered in Razavi Hospital

Director of Razavi hospital announced the offering of most advanced cardiovascular treatments in the hospital.

Dr. Qassim Soltani, on the sidelines of CTO advanced training workshop and TAVI surgeries performed at the hospital said, “The general policy of Razavi hospital is moving toward offering new and advanced medical services to the people, so they benefit the world medical achievements.”
“In this regard, by associations established with advanced academic centers in Europe, we used experts from Italy and Germany, and we did new surgical procedures with special properties for patients with severe heart problems in the hospital. People who have been selected to be performed this surgery on, are individuals who might avoid extensive and invasive surgical procedures” he added.
“By doing the less invasive surgeries, patients will experience much lighter anesthesia and earlier discharge” Dr. Soltani said.
“Every three to six months, and for patients with chronic obstruction of coronary arteries, in workshops and with the participation of highly qualified professionals from Europe, such as Professor Galassi, who is now President of the CTO Association in Europe, this therapy is taken, and so far three CTO operations have successfully done” he reiterated, announcing the perform of CTO procedure at the Razavi hospital.
Doctor Soltani, pointing out that TAVI is a non-invasive and with less side effects procedure than open heart surgery said, “Aortic valve replacement with TAVI method, although expensive, in patients who had a history of open heart surgery, diabetics, and generally patients for whom open-heart surgery has high risks, would be an appropriate method.”
“In TAVI surgery, which in fact is aortic valve implantation through the femoral artery, the patient with minimal anesthesia and minimal invasion can be treated, and while the duration of admittance is reduced, the recovery process will be faster” he uttered, pointing to increasing development of interventional methods in the treatment of heart diseases.
“Basically, cardiac surgery requires an anesthesiologist, who has been active in the field of heart surgery. In TAVI method, the problem is that the pressure should be monitored very closely, because if the pressure drops, brain and kidney complications may arise, and if it goes much higher, it may affect the heart, and even can cause the valve not to be implemented correctly under the influence of blood pressure” he, who was the head of the anesthesia team in two planned TAVI surgeries in Razavi hospital said on the process of anesthesia during TAVI procedure.
“The anesthesia team is required to control patient’s pressure during the operation by certain medications, and in the cases that bleeding occurs, take necessary measures. Moreover, in this type of operations at any moment, the action may turn into an open-heart surgery, so keeping everything under control is of especial importance” he added.

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