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“Arba’een bearing message of peace for world” Lebanese cleric

“Arba’een bearing message of peace for world” Lebanese cleric

Top Lebanese cleric hailed Arba’een ceremonies for bearing the message of peace for world people saying Shia Muslims, under the name of Imam Hussein (AS), are sending the message of affection and not revenge or hatred.

Sheikh Hussein al-Khashan, manager of Lebanon’s Islamic Sharia Center, praised Arba’een, 40th day after martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), as a unique occasion where Shia carry the message of peace and affection for all people.
He said,” Arba’een is not an ordinary occasion assimilating a cultural journey when pilgrims review the heroic stances of third Shia Imam and his household bringing attentions to the high objectives for which Imam Hissein (AS) rose against tyrants of the time.”
Lebanese manager of the Sharia Center noted,” This great pilgrimage march carries twofold message for the world: first invites the people to study lifestyle of Imam Hussein (AS) and find the attraction which draws people from across the globe and on the other hand it carries the message of peace for the world when Shia community bears the message of affection and not revenge or hatred for all.”
He said,” This message of affection is learnt following the teachings of Imam Hussein (AS) who had mercy even for his killers when the Imam tried to lead them to the right.”
“I do not mean to underestimate other conventions but Arba’een is not simply a convention for bonefire and lightening but a religious move towards God Almighty“ said the Lebanese cleric adding,” The difference lies in the message conveyed in this gathering; hence, when Imam Hussein (AS) rose for a reform in religion and the Islamic nation, his movement should be one to unite all Muslims because he rose for all Muslims and not merely for the Shia or Sunni.”
Islamic researcher called for a turn in sermons from religious ones to unifying lectures calling all Muslims from across the globe for the pilgrimage.
He noted,” When humanitarian aspect of Imam Hussein (AS) uprising is stressed and that the third Shia Imam rose to put an end to injustice and oppression, then his movement finds an inclusive meaning addressing all people.”
Sheikh Hussein Al Khashan concluded that a true follower of Imam Hussein (AS) should manifest his love in his deeds rather than in his words meaning that his good deeds should introduce the high values of the uprising by the third Shia Imam.

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