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The Biggest Husseini Infants Assembly in Islamic World

The Biggest Husseini Infants Assembly in Islamic World

Thousands of mothers donated their infants to the uprising of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) in the biggest Husseini Infants Assembly in the Islamic world.

Coincident with the first Friday of Muharram, the 14th Husseini Infants Conference was held with presence of thousands of mothers and infants in the Razavi grand courtyard.
A large part of the courtyard has been carpeted and mothers step on the courtyard slowly while carrying their babies. The babies’ cries is heard across the courtyard as well as the tender voice of mothers’ lullaby…
Now it is 9 a.m. and the courtyard is filled with mothers and babies who have come to avow their babies to supporting the uprising of Imam Mahdi (A.S.).
The infants are clad in green clothing to the memory of the infant of Imam Hussein (A.S.), wearing also a headband reading ‘ya Sahib al-Zaman’ as a sign of following the red path of Ashura movement.
The voice of ‘Labbaik ya Hussein’, ‘Labbaik ya Zeinab’, and ‘Labbaik ya Sahib al-Zaman’ resonates in the Holy Shrine and mothers are murmuring a unisonous lullaby ‘dear Ali, sleep honey’. A few later when panegyrizing continues, the cries of babies are not heard anymore but only the loud voice of mothers’ weeping to the memory of Ali Asghar (A.S.) in Karbala.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Hujjat al-Islam Islamifar delivered a lecture and noting that over history, there has been a permanent war between the right and the false and enemies have been always resisting against the divine leaders, he remarked, “Today mothers have gathered along with their babies in the Razavi Holy Shrine in order to say to the prophet (S.A.W.): it was intended in Karbala to eliminate any name of the reality of Islam and your descendants but we have come here to dedicate our children for endurance of your religion just like mother of Wahab.”
“Today the enemy is striving to enfeeble the beliefs of people by disseminating doubts over Ashura but by divine grace, the message of Imam Hussein (A.S.) has been already publicized across the world and the voice of Islam has not been quenched in history”, he continued.
The Razavi sacred premises will remember today; these infants will stick on the mind of history; they will grow up and back the Imam of their age with blessing of the sacred name written on their headbands.

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