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The al-Ghadeer annual festival is started in Iraq.

The al-Ghadeer annual festival is started in Iraq.

On Saturday 24/9/2016, the activities of al-Ghadeer annual festival started in the western expansion at Imam Ali Holy Shrine, which was opened recently; in the presence of the secretaries general of the holy shrines, officials, scholars from Najaf and other provinces.

The ceremony started with the recitation from Holy Quran followed by reading the Fatihah for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

The secretary general of Imam Ali Holy Shrine, Sayyed Nizar Hashim habl al-Mateen opened the festival with a speech, where he reviewed the humanitarian aspects in the personality of the Imam Ali "peace be upon him" and reviewed the process his life with the Prophet and after the Prophet's death.

During the ceremony, and after the completion of the speech of the secretary general,  the Husseinian Processions Committee honored a number of officials of Imam Ali Holy Shrine led by its secretary general for their continuous support for the Husseinian Processions during different days of the year.

Then, the scholar, Mr. Sami Al-Badri gave speech on this occasion. He talked about the heroic positions of Imam Ali "peace be upon him" in the nation after the Prophet, "God bless him and his household."

The ceremony also included a poem about Imam Ali "peace be upon him" by the poet Haider Razak Shomran al-Kaabi.

This festival will last for four days and by two mornings and two evenings and with variety items.


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