جمعه 31 فروردین 1403

14 August 2023

The Secretary General of Imam Ali(AS) Holy Shrine Draws Lots for Some of the Houses of Qanbar’s Residential Complex

Sayyid Nazar Habl al-Mateen announced that the completion rates in Qanbar residential complex are more than 70%. The work is being accelerated to be completed at the end of this year. They will reduce the amount of installments of the houses for the sake of the servants of Imam Ali (PBUH).

“The project was being dilatory and the completion rates reached 40% within two years. That is why it is late. We promised the participators to be in their houses in 2015 on October. This led us to terminate the contract with the executing company,” he affirmed.   

 “When our staffs began the project, they completed 30% within six months. It contains 887 houses, four schools, a mosque, and a swimming pool. The number of workers reached 1000 ones. We improved some parts like doors, water pipes, and windows,” he noted.