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Major General Soleimani in the First Martyrdom Anniversary of Martyr Hamedani: Muharram is a multidimensional purification for society and it is one of Shi’ite honors

“ISIS and Takfiri groups have not been created for Syria but for Iran”, said commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Qods Force.

In the First Martyrdom Anniversary of Martyr Hussein Hamedani that was held in the Prophet (S.A.W.) Mosque in Martyr Mahallati district, Major General Soleimani, commander of Guards Corps’ Quds Force, remarked, “Though Muharram month is sorrowful, but its spirituality is not less than Ramadan month for society. The same transformation that may occur on Qadr nights occurs in Muharram as well.”
“Muharram is a multidimensional purification for society and it is one of Shi’ite honors”, he added.
“Commander Hamedani was a lover of the Household of the Prophet (S.A.W.) and Hazrat Zeinab’s holy shrine that finally was killed in this way”, Major General Soleimani said.
Noting that Imam Hussein (A.S.) guaranteed Islam and its survival by his martyrdom, Major General Soleimani said, “The whole event of Karbala has been arranged carefully and all its details are panacea for humankind.”
Stressing that the present ISIS are eviler than the Khawarij in the age of Imam Ali (A.S.), he said, “ISIS put their sharp swords over the prisoners’ throats but the prisoners never gave up their religion and this is an outcome of Karbala.”
Noting that the slogan and movement of Imam Hussein (A.S.) remained thoroughly the same without stoppage or change, Major General Soleimani stressed, “Our youth today are wearing the mourning clothes for Imam Hussein (A.S.) that is a good custom. The culture of Imam Hussein (A.S.) has always made us win; this culture had previously only one branch of Iran but at present, it has other branches such as Yemen Ansarullah and Iraq Hashd al-Shaabi that follow Imam Hussein (A.S.).”
Referring to a few moments before martyrdom of commander Hamedani, Major General Soleimani said, “I saw commander Hamedani just a few hours before his martyrdom. I saw a sort of youth freshness in his face. He was extremely patient. His personality remained unknown unless one got close to him. During the holy defense I was not so close to him but in Syria I had the chance of close acquaintance with him.”
“At the last moment when I saw him, I was shocked. I felt he was aware of his martyrdom. Later when I talked with his family, I made sure that he had been aware of his martyrdom. He had told me smilingly to take a photo with together. “Maybe it would be our last picture”, he had said. As I heard it, I was moved.”
Noting that we realize the value of martyrs after we lose them, Major General Soleimani said, “When we lose peerless martyrs such as Hamedani, Baqeri, Ali Hashemi, and many others, we feel their absence.”
“Commander Hamedani was not only a martyr but a corps and a province just like martyr Beheshti that according to Imam (R.A.) was a nation”, Major General Soleimani pointed out.
Noting that martyr Hamedani had three main functions during the holy defense, he reiterated, “One was the cutting sword of Ansar al-Hussein (A.S.) Army that was dispatched wherever a threat to the Order arose. Another function was his significant role throughout the holy defense where he always led the operations.”
“The third attempt of martyr Hamedani that was the most important was establishment of ideology school where he trained tens of thousands of youths from Hamedan and other cities for the religion”, commander of Guards Corps’ Quds Force continued.
Noting that the second part of the martyr’s life is a lesson for all, he added, “The war ended and he came back to this society. He was apparently a commander with a family and grandchildren; the locks that pin man to the earth. But such belongings and emotions were not his ultimate goal.”
Commander of Guards Corps’ Quds Force continued, “Martyr Hamedani did not let the materiality becomes goal for him. The name ‘Abu Wahab’ was replaced commander Hussein Hamedani and the Ansar al-Hussein Army changed into ‘Guards of Zeinab’s (A.S.) Holy Shrine’.”
“Martyr Hamedani, 60, had a fruitful life. He played a crucial role in Syrian resistance. Why the world has stood up to Syria? The problem is not a person or dictatorship. In the Arab world, there are many wealthy countries and except for a short period, the infamous Camp David contract occurred whereby Anwar Sadat stabbed the Muslims from the back”, commander of Guards Corps’ Quds Force remarked.
“All these countries communicated either secretly or openly with the Zionists except for one country that was ready to sacrifice its security and territorial integrity for Muslims. In Clinton’s presidency, the Syria-Zionism peace was supposed to be concluded in Paris; Hafez Assad went to Paris but refused to attend in the meeting in the morning as he knew what is the effect of Syria compromise on the resistance front against the Zionist regime”, he added.
“The crown prince of Saudi Arabia that is too hasty and is likely to kill even his king went to Russia to mediate for Syria in a meeting with Russians and a Syrian person. Crown prince of Saudi Arabia asked about the Bashar Assad’s condition and the Syrian man said that the problem is ISIS while crown prince of Saudi Arabia asserted that the ISIS has no threat and will end someday but the problem is your relation with Iran and if you would not have relations, all with come to end”, commander of Guards Corps’ Quds Force expounded.
Noting that the problem of Syria’s enemies is the resistance front and relations with Islamic Republic of Iran, he stressed, “We do not defend only Syria in this country but the Islam and Iran. ISIS and Takfiri groups have not been created for Syria but for Iran.”
“If resistance did not occur and those who fancied to perform prayer in the Umavid mosque and to establish emperorship, would succeed then ISIS government would form and God knows what disaster turned up in the Islamic world”, commander of Guards Corps’ Quds Force remarked.
Noting that Iran stood honorably against the disaster, commander of Guards Corps’ Quds Force said, “The Syria Order was able to endure five years of stress and siege by help of Iran and now the world confess to terroristic nature of these groups. We did not take soldiers there but we supported the Syrian Order. If Takfiris were not blocked in Syria, today all the regions would be involved in fighting with ISIS.”
“Takfiris have lost or are losing in all fronts now. I believe that by supporting their government, the Syrian people are undefeatable. Today the Europe is expending highly on security as a result of their support of the very terroristic groups”, he added.
Noting that martyr Hamedani had a valuable effect on Syrian triumphs, major general Soleimani said, “We should believe in the wisdom of our leader and we should appreciate that. It is because of the wisdom and insight of the Supreme Leader that today the Islamic revolution has astonished the enemies”.


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